why do your gifs come out squished? how do you crop?

To me, they look fine :) But I usually crop them in CS5 (I have both CS5 and CS6) using the fixed and normal cropping tool, resolution 245x140 or 160x160 :)

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Kids really have a lot more power than they think they have. They have the power to change the world. And they should know it.

2/∞ personal favorite pictures of Laura Marano (in no particular order)

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i-love-laura-marano asked: Laura Marano or Ally Dawson?

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ross + jealous 

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My definition of beauty is happiness. I think, when I see someone who is truly happy, um…I think that’s kind of the most beautiful thing ever.

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Actually using Instagram with my iPad. Yay! #FirstTime

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gllifreyfalls asked: Austin or Ally?

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"Laura used to have, an imaginary friend named Christina, who—as a small child, she told me—was murdered by a king cobra."

1/∞ personal favorite pictures of Laura Marano (in no particular order)

did you really kiss laura marano on austin and ally?

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Favorite Cast (5/25)

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